Health Force Fruits of the Earth, 360g

Health Force Fruits of the Earth, 360g

TruGanic™ Therapeutic SuperFood Antioxidant Fruit Powder

Fruits of The Earth™ is a highly antioxidant, potent combination of nature's most nutritive fruits from around the world, dried at low temperatures to preserve heat-sensitive elements. Eighty percent of the formula is fruit. Fruits are somewhat acid forming, so 20 percent of the formula is intentionally alkaline-forming vegetables (barley, barley grass, beet juice, nopal cactus, and wheat grass). The ultra-finely ground and highly bioavailable whole leaf grasses provide a huge source of nutrition, including essential alkalinity and better blood sugar balance.* Actual Food™ chromium is also added to support healthy metabolism and blood sugar levels.* Unlike other "food type" forms of nutrients, this chromium is 100% organically bound. It is not merely in the "form" of food, it is food!


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