Ecoideas Gelatinized Maca 250g

Ecoideas Gelatinized Maca 250g

Gelatinized Maca is known to be highly digestible and more soluble than regular maca. Due to gelatinization, the long chains of starches are broken down, enhancing the concentration of the maca’s powerful main ingredients.
* Gelatinization is an extrusion process that ruptures the maca starch chains, to make it easier to assimilate. In other words, starches are broken down and made more readily absorbable in a gel form. It mixes easier into food and beverages, and many find it easier to digest. The thermal process involves a quick application of heat (seconds), and does not degrade any of the nutritional components of the raw maca powder. On the contrary, it concentrates them. It is important to note that gelatinization is achieved without altering any of the maca’s active ingredients.

Gelatinized maca may indeed be more concentrated but it must be understood that we are not talking about an increase in concentration to be equal to that of an extract. Some websites selling gelatinized maca are claiming that their product is actually up to 6 times more concentrated than regular maca. Unfortunately, this cannot be so. Such a value can only be obtained in extract ( spray dried ) or in freeze dried form and gelatinized maca is neither. The error made is in believing that the starch in gelatinized maca has been removed and hence it becomes more concentrated. Starches are broken down and made more readily absorbable in gel form but they are not removed. As such, a 6 times increase in concentration as some websites claim cannot be possible. Remember, gelatinized maca is a whole food with its starch chains ruptured to make it easier to assimilate… the starches are not removed.


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