Bell #35 Stop Smoking Help, 60 capsules

Bell #35 Stop Smoking Help, 60 capsules
  • Effective help with withdrawal symptoms and cleansing.
  • Helps with nicotine craving symptoms, flushing nicotine out of the blood as well as 127 chemicals from the tobacco, cleanse the lungs, increase the air conversion into oxygen, calm the body while going through the withdrawal process, dealing with insomnia and stress.
  • Gives 50% better chance to quit.

Stop Smoking Help

By Dr. Chakib Hammoud, MH, PhD.

Effective help with withdrawal symptoms, reducing the cravings for nicotine and tar, improves ability to deal with the addiction habit, flushes nicotine and other chemicals out of the blood, calms nervous system and the hyper brain, deals with insomnia and stress, great lung cleanser. Be honest and face the facts without making excuses. Nobody believes your excuses. A majority of adult smokers have quit. This product gives you a 50% better chance to quit, if you are willing to put your 50% share of determination into it. No guarantee.


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