Bell #1 Shark Cartilage , 100 Capsules

Bell #1 Shark Cartilage , 100 Capsules
  • Promotes comfortable, flexible joints
  • Helps rejuvenate and lubricate cartilage
  • Modulates inflammation in the joints
  • Building block nutrition that regenerates cartilage and nourishes connective tissue

Bell Shark Cartilage features active, bioavailable nutrition that nourishes cartilage and optimizes comfortable, flexible joints.

In studies of people with limited mobility in joints, Bell Shark Cartilage has been shown to promote arthritis pain relief, better joint comfort, and greater mobility. Bell Shark Cartilage brings you the best nutritional ingredients behind these joint-supportive benefits:

Shark Chondroitin:

The special chondroitin forms found in shark cartilage (known as Mucopolysaccharides) deliver a range of joint health-enhancing properties. Chondroitin modulates inflammation in the joints for greater comfort. Chondroitin is also a “raw material” nutrient for cartilage, connective tissues and lubricating factors within the joints. Chondroitin promotes new cartilage formation and supports the plump, cushy, hydrated “shock absorber” cartilage that is associated with joint health, soothing comfort, peak flexibility and lasting mobility. 

PLUS: Unlike other companies that deodorize shark cartilage, a process which can greatly reduce its effectiveness, Bell Shark Cartilage is formulated through a unique process that preserves its active ingredients.

Is it really from a shark?

It is! Shark cartilage is made by drying and grinding the cartilage from the skeleton of a shark. Cartilage is the strong elastic tissue that gives structure and support to the skeleton. It has been used for years as a nutritional supplement. Bell Shark Cartilage is responsibly produced from shark cartilage that is a byproduct of the US food industry. We have no association with and strictly oppose the practice of shark finning.


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