Alpha-Camelina Oil - 250 mL

Alpha-Camelina Oil - 250 mL

Camelina Oil

Camelina sativa or “wild flax” is a powerful oilseed source of essential fatty acids and a natural provider of vitamin E. This exciting new cooking and salad oil boasts several advantages over traditional sources of omega-3s. Unlike flax and fish oil sources, it has no bitter or fishy taste, and it resists going rancid, with a natural shelf life of 12-18 months. Its stability and delicate nutty taste make it a versatile oil ideally suited for salad preparation and even light cooking.

Camelina oil’s natural composition gives a favourable essential fatty acid ratio of about 2:1 of omega-3 to omega-6, with about 39% of its fatty acid content being the omega-3 alpha-linolenic acid (ALA). Omega-3 is known to help prevent articulatory problems and cardiovascular disease, and recent research links it to improved mental health. Camelina also contains high amounts of the vitamin E gamma-tocopherol, a powerful antioxidant that prevents the formation of harmful free radicals. It is this nutrient which gives camelina its long shelf-life and prevents it from spoiling easily.


There are no additives, preservatives or processing aids used in our cold-pressed camelina oil, allowing it to be certified non-GMO. It comes packaged “European-style” in BPA-free white tin cans, the safest known way to protect liquid food oils from light and heat.



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