Allmax Rapidcuts Shredded, 90 Capsules

Allmax Rapidcuts Shredded, 90 Capsules
  • 98% Pure N, N-Di-Methyl-Tyramine Hyperlytic Compound
  • Polymethoxylated Stimulant Accelerators
  • Micro-Encapsulated
  • Nor & DiHydro Capsaicin
  • Sustained Release Thermogenics

RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is pure, unadulterated fat-shredding potency. The most concentrated, pharma-grade ingredients known to fat loss science have been brought together to give you the kind of rapid, accelerated fat-shredding power you demand.
Ingredients have been POLYMETHOXYLATED to extend both the impact and the duration of the fat loss agents. We have sourced 5 unique alkaloids of both bio-dervied and pharmaceutical 1,3-Trimethylxanthines (caffeine) that have a profound effect on your traiing, cardio and resulting fat loss.
ALLMAX Pro-Competition Series RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is ideal for competitors who demand rapid and effective fat loss. RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED has been based on the latest cutting-edge science. It provides comprehensive fat loss based on the Target, Release, Ignite System. The Pro-Competition Series of products from ALLMAX provides the highest level of performance for the highest levels of competition. RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is ideal for 8-week programs and can be effectively integrated into any diet and cardio regimen.
RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is simply the strongest, most advanced and most comprehensive fat burning product we have ever produced. The science is undeniable and the results are truly impressive. RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED was created with a single focus: to create a formula specific to and exclusively for fat loss.*
RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is the extreme fat loss formula designed for men and women who are aiming for extreme competition level results. This is the most powerful and effective weight loss formula we have ever brought to market.
Unlike virtually any other supplement on the market today, we show exactly what’s in RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED right on the label; every ingredient and blend is completely spelled out with standardized and patented ingredients. Are you just guessing to determine how much of what you’re getting with other products?
Many products on the market today hype 'liquid technology'. Bottom line, almost 50% of the content in these capsules is 'INACTIVE' oil. We believe in providing 'ACTIVE' ingredients, not 'OIL'! That is why every capsule of RAPIDCUTS contains 99% active ingredients, NOT FILLER, NOT INACTIVE OIL!
ALLMAX RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is available in 90 capsules for a complete 45-day supply.
*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
NOW! Experience the power of the exclusive TARGET RELEASE IGNITE™ 3-Stage Fat Burning System found only in RAPIDCUTS®. With 99% Active Ingredients, Nothing Works Faster!*
RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED has 3 proprietary blends that synergistically prime the body for optimal fat burning conditions in an exclusive 3-step Fat Burning Process.*
The results achieved by RAPIDCUTS® and its potent 3-Stage T.R.I.™ fat burning process are nothing short of amazing. In fact, clinical research proves that subjects using a key ingredient in the RAPIDCUTS significantly reduced their body fat over 16 times the percentage of fat lost compared to the placebo group!
ALLMAX knows that you work hard in the gym and diet hard to get into your best shape; these are essential steps and anyone telling you otherwise is lying. We recommend RAPIDCUTS as an effective addition to intense diet and exercise to achieve mind-blowing results. Other weight loss formulas may be OK for average users, but RAPIDCUTS is an EXTREME FORMULATION for EXTREME RESULTS.
1-TARGET: HotSpot™ goes to work with three exclusive proprietary blends that prime your body for maximum fat loss. HotSpot includes CORTISTRATE™, PROSULIN™, and THYROVARIN™. Each of these powerful sub-blends makes up Step 1 and initiates the RAPIDCUTS fat loss process by supporting normal, healthy Cortisol, Insulin and Thyroxine (the CIT hormones) via patented compounds. These compounds immediately prime the body and initiate an environment ideal for rapid fat release. The TARGET blends include:
2-RELEASE: RAPIDCUTS includes LIPO 3',5'™, a Dual Action Fat Release Stimulant that signals fat to be RELEASED from fat cells after they have been targeted and supports normal, healthy cellular cAMP via two distinct receptor pathways — Beta Receptors and G Protein Receptors. cAMP (3',5' cyclic adenosine monophosphate) is the key cellular messenger that signals fat cells to release fatty acids into the system to be used for energy.*
3-IGNITE: RAPIDCUTS includes THERMOBURN™, a Fat Combustion Accelerator that IGNITES and permanently eliminates fat from the body by supporting normal, healthy metabolic function and mitochondrial uncoupling proteins (UCP). This process effectively ignites released fat in the body. THERMOBURN also extends the fat burning process for up to 6-8 hours after initial consumption for a prolonged effect*
On average, test subjects using clinically proven ingredients found in RAPIDCUTS lost an average of 14 lbs of body weight over an 8 week period compared to the placebo group.
The results achieved by RAPIDCUTS and its potent 3-Stage T.R.I.™ fat burning process are nothing short of amazing. In fact, clinical research proves that subjects using a key ingredient in the RAPIDCUTS significantly reduced their body fat over 16 times the percentage of fat lost compared to the placebo group!
Brazilian-source Naturaté Yerba Maté Green Tea with 60% Polyphenols, Camilla Sinensis Green Tea with 50% EGCG and G6P™ Green Coffee Extract with 50% CGA (Chlorogenic Acids) is a truly cutting-edge fat loss combination. They work through a combination of thermogenesis and the inhibition of specific enzymes responsible for the absorption and release of dietary sugars. Combined wit the completely novel and rare Cranes Bill Extract at a 200:1 ratio, Hordenine and Yohimbine, RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED provides a synergistic effect that you must feel to believe. Cardio will never be the same again.*
RAPIDCUTS SHREDDED is now fortified with patent pending Capsimax® – Micro-encapsulated Nor and Di-hydro Capsaicin, a very potent concentrated form of active capsicum that has a protective time-released enteric coating. Capsimax releases past your stomach to provide maximum benefit – which is a dramatic increase in caloric expenditure, amplified thermogenesis and prevention of adipocyte (fat cell) maturation.


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