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What does silicon do?Silicon for bone healthThe best documented function of silicon is that it facilitates bone calcification and bone mineralization. This means that the body cannot assimilate and make use of calcium without the presence of silicon, making it an important nutrient to those concerned with osteoporosis.Silicon to fight the physical effects of agingAging starts deep within your cells, which contain collagen, the binding element that literally holds your body together. As you age, collagen deteriorates and loses its natural elasticity, resulting in loose skin, thinning hair and brittle nails.

Since silicon is one of the main components of collagen, a soluble silicon supplement such as Florasil can help to prevent these effects of aging.

According to an article appearing in the Swedish newspaper, Halsoblast, Joan Collins, Goldie Hawn and Barbra Streisand all credit their youthful appearance to vegetal silica, which provides the silicon in Florasil.More than just siliconFlora's unique, gentle water extraction method not only preserves the bioflavonoids necessary for the absorption of silica and the subsequent production of silicon, but it also ensures the retention of a variety of naturally occurring minerals necessary for optimum health including boron, calcium and manganese.Why is it difficult for the body to maintain adequate levels of silicon?Silica, from which the body produces silicon, is not especially common in foods, unless they are grown in sandy soil.

Even then it tends to accumulate in plant parts, like husks, that we don't consume. When silica is present, it isn't always in a form that is easy for the body to absorb.The silica in Florasil is easily absorbed.The silica in Florasil is derived from an aqueous (water) extraction method that preserves silica's natural composition with bioflavonoids thus ensuring the highest bioavailability and assimilation by the body ? approaching 100%.

Further, this silica is extracted exclusively from the spring horsetail which contains a higher percentage of these bioflavonoids than any other plant.Choose FlorasilA pure, undiluted aqueous herbal extract of soluble silica from Spring Horsetail.Silicon for: Bone and Joint HealthVital for proper bone formation and to maintain normal bone structure.Necessary for proper and speedy healing of bone fractures, torn and damaged tendons and ligaments.

Works to prevent disc degeneration in the back.Silicon for: Vascular HealthMaintains the integrity, elasticity and stability of arterial walls improving atherosclerosis.Silicon for: Anti-agingThe Florasil guaranteeFlorasil carries a Drug Identification Number or DIN which means that the label must reflect the elemental measurement (weight) of the medicinal ingredients in this case, silicon. When a product does not carry a DIN the label will reflect the capsule net weight, which also includes the weight of ingredients that are not active.As expressed on the label, in accordance with the mineral labeling standard of Health Canada, each capsule of Florasil provides 410 mg of spring horsetail extract, which supplies 10mg of the compound mineral silica, providing 4.7 mg of the medicinal ingredient? elemental silicon.


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