BELL #63 Stem Cell Activator , 60 Capsules 600mg

-15 % BELL #63 Stem Cell Activator , 60 Capsules 600mg
  • Helps to activate naturally millions of stem cells from our own bone marrow.
  • Stem cells are located in all our organs and under our skin. They have the potential to self-repair body tissue
  • All Natural Ingredients
  • No Side Effects Known

Stem Cell Nutrition for self-repair!

By providing Stem Cell Nutrition to the body, it helps to activate naturally millions of stem cells from our own bone marrow. The increase in stem cells released from the bone marrow into the blood stream have the potential to become other types of tissue cells with specialized function. Stem cells will multiply and are able to become heart cells, liver cells or any other organ. Located everywhere in our body, stem cells are even under our skin layered between the epidermis and dermis. This is why an increase in stem cells under our skin may help to create a more youthful cell that would replenish elastin and collagen and thus may make us look younger.

If our bone marrow does not produce enough stem cells this can result in many illnesses, especially a weak heart, kidneys, liver, pancreas, in fact all healthy functions of our body are decreased. Sufficient stem cells in our body have a great potential of self-repair and the ability to rejuvenate tissues. This supplement is used in many European countries. It does not contain live human stem cells as these can only be transplanted by surgery and are subject to immuno-suppressant drugs to avoid graft rejection.

Used for all organ and tissue damage, heart attack damage, osteo-arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, traumatic brain injury, muscular dystrophy, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, lupus, spinal injuries, and other diseases and tissue damage. The results have been very satisfactory to us and to the patients and the time varies with different patients depending on the extremity of the damage.


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