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Naka Arnica Cream, 100 ml

Don’t let muscular pain affect your active lifestyle! Naka’s Arnica Cream is used by sports enthu..


Naka Coral Calcium, 180 capsules -40 %

Naka Coral Calcium, 180 capsules

Harvested from the seabed, never from live Coral!   Naka brand of Coral Calcium is unique..

$47.99 $28.99

Naka D-Aid Formula, 150 Caps

Recommended Purpose or Use:   Helps to regulate sugar levels in the blood.   Is your blo..


Naka Glucosamine &Chondroitin Sulfate 900mg , 250Capsules

Glucosamine sulfate (GLS) stimulates the manufacture of glycosaminoglycans (GAGs), key com..


Naka Glucosamine plus MSM 1000mg,180 Capsules

Helps to relieve joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.   ..


Naka Glucosamine Sulfate Sodium-Free 500 mg ,240 Caps

Helps to relieve osteoarthritic symptoms, joint pain and protect against the deterioration of cartil..


Naka Green Tea, 120caps

Bring home the healing power of Green Tea, an ancient herbal remedy. Green Tea’s health benefi..


Naka Iron Vital F, 500mL

IronVital F® liquid helps fulfill your daily requirement for iron and contains iron in bivalen..


Naka L-Theanine with Green Tea 200mg, 90 Caps

Close your eyes and imagine an entire day of feeling relaxed, while still taking on the stresses of ..


Naka Leg Massage Gel, 142g

NO ONE LIKES TO SUFFER WITH VARICOSE VEINS Leg Massage Gel is the perfect choice for refres..


Naka Milk Thistle Liquid ,500 ml

Hubaton's Milk Thistle liquid with the synergy of Sea Buckthorn Berry is a naturally effective suppl..


Naka Milk Thistle,110 Capsules

* Detoxify and support long-term liver health * Weight management aid * Digestive aid * Excelle..


Naka Nutri Collagen ,120 Softgels

NUTRI-COLLAGEN PLUS BROMELAIN FROM NAKA HERBS   Help to regenerate cartilage, maintain healt..


Naka Nutri L-Carnitine Plus, 450 ml liquid

Try Nutri L-Carnitine Plus today for weight management and improved physical performance Nutr..


Naka Nutri Trim,180 softgels

Try Nutri TRIM today for weight management and improved fat metabolism:   In today’s world, it..